Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Iqraa TV :

Iqraa TV also spelt IQRA TV (Arabic: اقرأ‎‎ iqraʾ "read")[1] is a satellite and internet television channel owned by Saleh Abdullah Kamel's Arab Media Corporation. It was founded in 1998. The channel promotes itself as a "Muslim family's safe haven", presenting religious and social programming. The Iqraa channel says its vision is; Iqraa Channel seeks to meet the viewers’ needs through presenting a number of serious programs on the viewers’ everyday life problems, serving their spiritual, cultural, social and economic interests, from an Islamic perspective with a modern vision. and that part of its mission is; Iqraa Channel also aims at presenting the true moderate face of Islam to people in the West where media does not present an objective view on the Islamic Law .

Iqraa TV Live Streaming

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